Re-elect Glenn Funk Our District Attorney

District Attorney Glenn Funk Fights Violent Crime

“My focus is on violent crime.” – District Attorney Glenn Funk

On November 3, 2021, NewsChannel 5’s Nick Beres interviewed District Attorney General Funk on MorningLine. 


“My focus is on violent crime. We work to make sure that we are spending most of our resources on murder, aggravated robbery, rape, domestic violence, things that make our communities safer by making sure that the resources of the justice system are focused on those very important cases.


“We deal with all types of cases. Sixty thousand cases. There are sixty thousand warrants sworn out by the Metro Police Department every year. Six thousand of those are major felonies. Probably thirty five hundred [to] four thousand of those are the violent crimes, and that’s where we’re really trying to take our limited resources – they’re not infinite – and devote those resources toward making sure that we have a safer community.


“There are also situations where we need to take into account the individual circumstances, the individual facts of the case: the circumstances of the victim, the circumstances of the person who’s charged with the crime, to try to craft a reasonable agreement that makes sure that we protect the community while at the same time making sure that we keep families safe and families together when we can.”