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The Waffle House Trial

“[Travis Reinking] knew it before you got in the car. He knew it when he was in the car. He knew it when he parked outside. And he knew when you went in and shot all 30 rounds.”

District Attorney Glenn Funk

WKRN News 2 | February 6, 2022

Prosecutors react to conclusion of Waffle House shooting trial

District Attorney Glenn Funk, Deputy District Attorney Roger Moore, Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman and Assistant District Attorney Ronald Dowdy speak with reporters at the conclusion of the Waffle House shooting trial.

NewsChannel 5 | February 5, 2022

“In 2017 [Reinking] had said he wanted to commit a mass shooting and that when he did the shooting he was planning to make people think he was insane at the time.

“Before he drove to the Waffle House, he had packed an escape bag that not only included a gun and more ammunition but also included some silver bars that he would be able to exchange for cash on the road so he wouldn’t have a trace of a credit card.


“After he got done, he went home. He took a shower. He changed clothes. He rearmed himself and he went and hid and tried to get out of the area,” [District Attorney Glenn Funk explained.


“He clearly knew the wrongfulness of this mass murder.”

Travis Reinking sentenced in 2018 Waffle House shooting

WKRN News 2 | February 6, 2022