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District Attorney Glenn Funk's Steering Clear Program

“[Steering Clear] has benefited individuals by not subjecting them to court appearances, fines, costs and possible incarceration. Over 1,000 driver licenses have been reinstated. Additionally and in some ways even more importantly, an arrest record can cost a person a job or housing. Even cases which are later expunged often appear when employers, banks or landlords run record checks.”

District Attorney General Glenn Funk
writes in his petition for a court order

Nashville Scene | August 8, 2019

“The Davidson County Sheriff Department and Nashville D.A.’s ‘Steering Clear’ program celebrates a milestone!”

Office of the Davidson County District Attorney YouTube |  July 1, 2019

Steering Clear

  • Strives to end criminal prosecution of poverty due to non-payment of fines.
  • ‘Steering Clear’ is a driver’s license diversion program that interrupts the harmful cycle of debt, arrest, and the exacerbation of debt created by driver’s license violations.
  • Helps individuals restore their drivers’ licenses. This program offers individuals a chance to get their license (with our help if they need it); in lieu of criminal prosecution, they are given the opportunity to attend a driver’s class or perform community service work.
  • [The] main objective is for everyone to have a license, thereby putting a stop to the endless cycle of arrest, court involvement, and increased debt produced by traditional criminal prosecution.”

Source: Davidson County Office of the District Attorney website

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